Documentary / Factual

Inside Out – BBC
The One Show – BBC
Bahrain Ministry of works – Landau Reece
Calor, Village of the Year – Tall Order Pro
TA ‘Royal Green Jackets’ – Steel Edge
Chronicles of Harbury – UK Style
‘Charles De Menzies Shooting – BBC Panorama
‘Customs & Excise’ – BBC Panorama
One Born Every Minute, Dragonfly
Nurses Who Kill, First Look TV
Stalkers Who Kill, First Look Tv
Sonofi Diabetes Trek Iceland, Hurricane Media

Sport / Commercials / Music

Formula 1, F1
Korda Fishing Tackle – Sky Sports
Dene Films ‘Go Finance Advert’ – Sky.
Kings of Leon, Music Video – Burning Branch
Premiership Football – BBC
Yoga – Simply Cinema
Williams F1 – Kane TV/EDF
Porsche Cup 12hr race USA Tour, Porsche
Silverstone Classics ITV4


SSAT Teachers Training – Landau Reece
NHS – Landau Reece
Promotional Factual Database – Met films
Rush Davis Design Architects, DVD – Rush Davis
Independent Financial Advisors AMI – EMMU
Catwalk Web Wast –
Web Cast – ON 24
Web Cast – Royal bank of Scotland
CIMA – Mighty Fine Productions
Aston Martin
British Historical Trust

Entertainment / Lifestyle

Hairy Bikers, South Shore
Top Gear, BBC
The Gadget Show – North One TV
Great British Menu, Optomen
Food Unwrapped, Ricochet
This Morning Live Little Dot
Steven Fry’s Gadget Man – Channel 4
Fifth Gear – North One TV
Dickensons Real Deal – RDF Television
Football Focus (pilot) – BBC World
Car SOS – Renegade
Four Weddings – ITV Living
Party Wars – ITV Living
Put Your Money Were your mouth is – BBC
The Culture Show – BBC
Design ER – Mad Mac
Britain’s Next Top Model – Thumbs Up
My Secret Body – Endemol
Kitchen Cops – BBC
Kept – VH1
Great British village show – 12 Yard
Parkinson’s Greatest Entertainers – ITV
Hard spell/ Star spell – BBC
South bank Show – ITV1
Cooking It – Radar Prod
Holiday Programme – BBC
This Morning ‘Catwalk’ – ITV
F Word Series 1 & 2 – Optomen TV
CTVC Multi faith service for 7/7 – ITV3
UK TV Food Live, Multi Camera OB – UKTV
Your place or Mine, Multi Camera – Lion TV
Hanrahan Investigates – Constantine


Shakespeare and Hathaway BBC
Doctors – BBC Drama
Aladdin’s Cave – RDF
Dream Team – Hewland Int
Genie in the House – I Love Television

Short Films

Carte Rouge – Steel Edge
An Evening with Oliver Cromwell – Historic Prod
The Next War – Trigger Production
Paranoia – Independent Production


Additional Information

Chris holds a full, clean, UK Driving Licence, with his own means of transport, being a Land Rover Discovery which can also be used as a tracking vehicle. Chris is skilled at Filming from a tracking vehicle and is highly confidant in and around Motor Racing environments. Chris Has undergone a BBC Training and Development course in the following field, ‘Safe working with Cameras & Lights.’ Chris also has a First aid & Emergency aid training in the work place, accredited by St John’s Ambulance. As well as extensive experience within educational training workshops with TVYP Television and young people, Chris has also lectured at university and colleges across the UK.